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Hier habe ich wieder ein paar der wichtigen Beiträge, auf die ich im Laufe des Jahres gestoßen bin, aufmerksam gemacht wurde (und manche davon auch schon anderweitig verlinkt habe), aufgelistet* und teilweise auch wichtige Aussagen jeweils daraus vermerkt.

Diese Liste ist keinesfalls vollständig, und es müsste natürlich noch sehr viel mehr aufgelistet werden an wichtigen, interessanten Beiträgen/Informationen.

* Bei Texten ohne direkte Verlinkung bitte den jeweiligen Titel - per ‚copy and paste‘ – übernehmen und in eine Suchmaschine eingeben oder direkt auf der angegebenen Internetseite danach suchen. Danke.




The social ties between autism and schizophrenia


Outcomes of real-world social interaction for autistic adults paired with autistic compared to typically developing partners


Quantifying compensatory strategies in adults with and without diagnosed autism


The Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression: Where Is It Going?


Erklärung zum Welttag der Aufklärung über Autismus, 2. April 2020


Via Spectrumnews …

1. 5 Messages for My Younger Autistic Self


Why did nobody see this sooner? Why has it taken this long to know and understand?“

2. Autistic People Make Great Social Partners if You Actually Give Them a Chance


Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry:

Annual Research Reviews

[21.02.2020] Looking back to look forward – changes in the concept of autism and implications for future research


Researchers Find Paroxetine Harms Brain Development

“Paroxetine did not appear to directly kill neurons. Instead, it damaged a number of elements of neural connection.”

Paroxetine = Infos bei Wikipedia:


Righting the gender imbalance in autism studies


“Everything was so easy for everyone and so hard for me, …”


Psychiatriegeschichte …

Narrating Asylum History Through an Anti-Racist Lens: An Interview with Author Mab Segrest

April 15, 2020 – Interview:

Im Beitrag gibt es auch einen weiteren Link zu einem „Offenen Brief“ aus dem Jahr 2011:

„Open Letter to DSM-5“


The Potential Role of Gut Peptide Hormones in Autism Spectrum Disorder [Free PMC article]

Peptide Hormones – Infos bei Wikipedia:

Siehe dazu auch: Hormone & Co.


Altered Gut Microbial Profile Is Associated With Abnormal Metabolism Activity of Autism Spectrum Disorder [Free PMC article]

Siehe dazu auch: Blogbuchgedanken – Konstipation


Autism Spectrum Disorder and Narcolepsy: A Possible Connection That Deserves to Be Investigated [Free PMC article]

Siehe dazu auch:

Blogbuchgedanken – Schlafparalyse

Diskussionsseite – Epileptoide Krankheiten

Gedankensplitter – Neurosen (und Psychosen, Kataplexie) 


The Risk for Scurvy in Children With Neurodevelopmental Disorders

“Dentists may be in a unique position to facilitate prompt and accurate diagnosis of a condition that is relatively easy and safe to treat once identified.”


[Juni 2019] Retraction: Randomized Controlled Trial of Vitamin D Supplementation in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

“We also discovered previously unidentified/reported problems with missing data and recording irregularities regarding changes in treatment regimen and subject identifiers. As a result of these issues the Editors no longer have confidence in the findings reported in the original paper.”


[31.05.2020] Vitamin D Supplementation Is Beneficial for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Meta-analysis

“Vitamin D supplementation improves the typical symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, as indicated by reduced Social Responsiveness Scale and Child Autism Rating Scale scores; thus, it is beneficial for children with autism spectrum disorder.“


Ethical Concerns With Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism Spectrum "Disorder"

“Our contribution is to argue that, from a bioethical perspective, autism advocates are fully justified in their concerns - the rights of autistic children and their parents are being regularly infringed upon. Specifically, we will argue that employing ABA violates the principles of justice and nonmaleficence and, most critically, infringes on the autonomy of children and (when pushed aggressively) of parents as well.”


The Underreporting of Vision Problems in Statutory Documents of Children With Williams Syndrome and Down Syndrome

“Vision problems can lead to negative developmental outcomes.”

+ Ashleigh’s vision problems …


Parkinson's disease may start in the gut



Does the measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (MMRV) vaccine protect children, and does it cause harmful effects?

“Our review shows that MMR, MMRV and MMR+V vaccines are effective in preventing the infection of children by measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox, with no evidence of an increased risk of autism or encephalitis and a small risk of febrile seizure.”

+ Discussion …


Antidepressants and Online Misinformation


Autism’s drug problem

“Many people on the spectrum take multiple medications — which can lead to serious side effects and may not even be effective.”


Neonatal CSF Vasopressin Concentration Predicts Later Medical Record Diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder

“These preliminary findings suggest that a neurochemical marker of ASD may be present very early in life, …”


What Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can teach us about autism

By Emily Casanova  /  21 October 2019

“We are in the midst of our first clinical study, and we hope to recruit at least 150 people. We are comparing features of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in two sets of women: those who have autistic children and those who have children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We test the mothers’ joint mobility and orthostatic tolerance (the cardiovascular system’s ability to adjust to changes in body posture). We also ask them about their immune, hormonal and other health issues, and assess their autism traits.”

-> Kollagen …

“The literal and figurative connection between the two conditions may lie in collagen.”

Siehe dazu auch: Blogbuchsplitter-2021-EDS


Awakening: Shedding the ‘Mentally Ill’ Identity and Reclaiming My Life


Bedlam: Public, Media, Power and the Fight for Narrative Justice

“The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.”


Maternal Glyphosate Exposure Causes Autism‐like Behaviors in Offspring through Increased Expression of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase (sEH)


“These findings suggest that maternal glyphosate exposure causes ASD‐like behavioral abnormalities and abnormal composition of gut microbiota in juvenile offspring, and that increased activity of sEH plays a key role in ASD‐like behaviors in offspring after maternal glyphosate exposure.“

Infos bei Wikipedia:


Almost Everyone Meets Criteria for ‘Mental Illness’

“According to the researchers, almost nine out of ten people will meet the criteria for ‘mental illness’ at some point in their life.”


Why Compassionate Activism?

“One goal is to teach the graduate students to get to know people without prejudgment, without thinking that you know someone by a label. When we see the humanness in all of us, the light and the dark, we can choose to treat each other how we want to be treated. I don’t think of an us and them. We are all doing this messy, beautiful life thing together.“


Neuropsychological Tests Reveal Consequences of Polypharmacy

“The practice of polypharmacy has sizably increased since the late ’90s and can lead to many adverse effects, including increased mortality. Combining multiple drugs brings an increased risk of cognitive side effects and iatrogenic neurological conditions.”


No Good Evidence That Antidepressants Prevent Relapse

“Currently, there is no reliable evidence that long-term antidepressant treatment is beneficial and there are legitimate concerns that it may be largely ineffective or even harmful in a substantial portion of users.”


How Mental Health Syndromes Arise From Social Change

“There is a growing movement in psychiatry and adjacent fields toward an ecological understanding of mental health as socially and economically based, rather than solely as arising within individual brains, as in the medical model. … lack of belonging, language difficulties …”


Flipping the script

“’Flipping the script‘ and focusing on what the workplace brings to people on the autism spectrum—in addition to what people with autism bring to the workplace—gives us the potential to make more rapid headway in understanding how to better support employment among these individuals.“


Dropping the mask | The Psychologist

Eloise Stark experiments with mindfulness to find her authentic, autistic self.

·       He recognizes that it rests within himself to choose; that the only question which matters is, “Am I living in a way that is deeply satisfying to me, and which truly expresses me?” - Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person, 1961


[04.07.2016] Richard Smith: Psychiatry in crisis?


[22.05.2019] Are There Viable Alternatives to the DSM-5?

Can ICD, PDM, HiTOP, RDoC, or PTMF win a kind of diagnostic game of thrones?



Opposing Corruption in Psychiatric Science a Human Rights Imperative

“… ‘commercialized science’ is incompatible with a human rights approach to mental health care.”


Kampf für die Natur: Mehr als 200 Umweltschützer getötet


Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Gut Microbiota is Confirmed



[[ Auch die Erde hat ein Mikrobiom: ]]

A genomic catalog of Earth’s microbiomes [Open access]


Gut Bacteria Shared by Children and Their Mothers Associate with Developmental Level and Social Deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorder [Free article]

“The maternal gut microbiota impacts offspring gut microbiota.”


Influence of gut microbiota dysbiosis on brain function: a systematic review

“… We need to fully understand the mechanisms by which the microbiota interacts with the human brain, and therefore what's the connection between dysbiosis and pathologies such depression, dementia, autism, or schizophrenia.”


Plasma and Fecal Metabolite Profiles in Autism Spectrum Disorder


I Was Taught That My Being Was Inherently Wrong”: Is

Applied Behavioural Analysis A Socially Valid Practice?



“Many of the autistic participants mostly struggled with feeling unloved and not accepted the way they are. They felt they needed to be changed in order to be deemed worthy of society. ABA therapy was just a series of compliance drills to them, without any logic or explanation of why they need to learn skills. …”


Stop Saying This, An Encore!

“The DSM diagnoses … can … stigmatize people for life, …”


To the Young Person Who Doesn’t Identify with Their Disability Diagnosis Anymore

“Diagnoses should exist only to benefit the person getting that diagnosis.”


Medscape Article Reviews the Fatal Flaws of the DSM

There is a good alternative, for example:

“According to the PTMF, current mental health services continue to retraumatize service users and replicate oppressive power dynamics. For example, imprisoning people in psychiatric hospitals against their will … Likewise, ‘anosognosia’ is another key aspect of psychiatry—the notion that the people they treat are sick because they refuse to believe they are sick.”


The Challenging Heterogeneity of Autism: Editorial for Brain Sciences Special Issue “Advances in Autism Research” [PDF]


Abnormalities of synaptic mitochondria in autism spectrum disorder and related neurodevelopmental disorders [Open Access]


Dorsal Stream Dysfunction and Neuroplasticity Paper


What is PDA? Booklet


More About: Dysgraphia

“When someone with dysgraphia writes, their handwriting is sloppy, not spaced properly, and shows inconsistency in upper and lower case letters, or cursive and print letters, although having the same amount of time and attention given to the task.”


Ultra-processed foods and the corporate capture of nutrition—an essay by Gyorgy Scrinis [Free PMC article]

Food corporations have exploited the dominant model in nutrition science to shape the way their ultra-processed products are defended, promoted, and regulated. Gyorgy Scrinis examines their scientific strategies and suggests ways to reframe the debate.“


Increased visual bias in children with developmental coordination disorder: Evidence from a visual-tactile temporal order judgment task

“Previous studies have suggested that children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) rely heavily on vision to perform movements, which may contribute to their clumsy movements. However, few studies have objectively and quantitatively investigated the perceptual biases of children with DCD.“


Gerald Hüther im Gespräch - Hirnforscher: „Die Schule, wie wir sie heute kennen, hat ausgedient“


„In seinem aktuellen Buch warnt er mit drastischen Worten: Reformieren wir unser Bildungssystem nicht, produzieren wir eine Generation perspektivloser und unzufriedener Individuen.“


No Mental Health Without Human Rights

“… an important point, one that urges us to stop looking at individuals through an illness lens, from a what is wrong with you lens, to a societal lens – what may have happened to make this individual feel or react this way? …”


Bad Things Happen 2020 – A Protest Song

“A song specially rerecorded for the A Disorder For Everyone online festival, 18 September 2020. Based on a quote by Professor John Read.”


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