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Babies + CVI: How can you be sure a baby has CVI? Etc.

Beobachtungsbogen zu visuellen Funktionen (CVI) bei Erwachsenen

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie, u.a.:

Psychiatriegeschichte, -kritik, Verbesserungsvorschläge

- Global Mental Health Leaders Shift Away from Biomedical Model Towards Rights-Based Approaches

- The Forgotten Voices of Mad Studies Challenge Traditional Psychiatry

- Can Psychiatric Units Function Without Restraints? Italy Says Yes

- Cultivating Kindness [and Nurturing Youth Mental Health]

- Doctors Are Not Trained to Think Critically

- Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis Often Used to Discredit Patient Experiences

- Oxytocin

- Loneliness in autistic adults: A systematic review

- Newborns Exposed to Psychiatric Drugs During Pregnancy Far More Likely to Require Immediate Medical Care

- Prescription Drugs: The Hidden Costs to Health and the Planet

- What are we overlooking? Reviewing current and alternative treatments for psychosis

- Conveying Hope, Empowering Teens: An Interview With Jessica Schleider

- The role of circadian rhythms [CR] and sleep in the aetiology of autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

- What I Wish I’d Asked Dr. Gabor Maté When I Had the Chance

- Lessons from a Global Psychiatric Conference: The Good, the Bad, and the Complicated

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- School Support, Case studies

- Visual Development 1st Year of Life

- Wrong support and how to get it right

- Hangry or CVI related energy deficient?

Beiträge zu Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie, u.a.:

- Psychosis Treatment

- It’s past time to stop using the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test

- ABA: May Not Work — and May Seriously Harm Patients’ Mental Health

- When the Help Becomes Part of the Problem

- Empathy

- Social anxiety and experiences of therapy in autistic people

- Insomnia and autism spectrum disorder: The role of melatonin in treatment

- High Dose Omega-3s Outperform Migraine Medications

- Autistic people and Parkinsonism

- Glyphosate as a Food Contaminant

- Is autism a PIN1 deficiency syndrome? A proposed etiological role for glyphosate

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Ein Thema in diesem Monat, das mir ganz besonders am Herzen liegt:

Cerebral palsy / Zerebralparese

Insbesondere wichtig im Zusammenhang mit Sehproblemen, aber auch im Zusammenhang mit Autismus und ADHS. Dazu vier Beiträge:

1. CVI Scotland - Resources: Cerebral Palsy & CVI Paper

2. Association of cerebral palsy with autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children: a large-scale nationwide population-based study

3. CVI Scotland - Blogs & News: Gordon Dutton’s Blog (41) Cerebral Visual Impairment and Cerebral Palsy

4. Visual Perception Defects following Stroke or Brain Injury

Weitere Beiträge zu CVI:

CVI Scotland - Resources: CVI in Mainstream Schools Paper

CVI Scotland - Blogs & News: Yellowstone Blog 31 Anosognosia (or When My Brain Gets It Wrong)


Beiträge zu Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie; u.a.:

- Antipsychotic Exposure and Developmental Delays and ADHD

- A paradigm shift on the way in 2024

- Challenging some assumptions of the ‘schizo’ paradigm

- Misdiagnosis of psychiatric conditions in autistic adults

- Psychosis in the context of autism spectrum disorder

- Antipsychotics' Effect on Identity

- History of ‘Schizophrenia’ and Family Therapy

- Autism and catastrophising

- Context and Care vs. Isolate and Control

- Don’t Blame The Brain for The Effects of Childhood Trauma

- #Podcastempehlungen

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[Aktualisiert:] Auf der Suche nach einer Autismus-Theorie



Zum #Welt-Autismus-Tag 2024:

Botschaft des UN-Generalsekretärs zum Internationalen Tag der Aufklärung über Autismus


“Der Welttag der Aufklärung über Autismus bietet Gelegenheit, die wichtigen Beiträge autistischer Menschen in jedem Land und jeder Gemeinschaft anzuerkennen und zu würdigen. …”




CVI-Beiträge, u.a.:

- Responsibilities and CVI

- Children with ‘lazy eye’ are at increased risk of serious disease in adulthood

- CVI Meltdowns

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie - Beiträge u.a.:

- Association between prenatal antipsychotic exposure and the risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder

- An Unhealthy Dietary Pattern during Pregnancy is Associated with Neuro-developmental Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence

- Vitamin C deficiency can lead to pulmonary hypertension

- How Chronic Stress Feeds Suffering by Eating Up Our Dopamine

- Self-Restricted Diet in Pediatric Autism Leading to Vitamin A Deficiency [VAD] and Severe Photophobia

- Podcast- und Buchempfehlungen

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Beiträge u.a.:

- Aberrant White Matter Development in Cerebral Visual Impairment

- Autism research priorities of autistic adults in Scotland

- Chemical Imbalance Theory

- The autistic brain & PTSD

- Increased risk of acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder

- Why do patients want medication free treatment for psychosis?

- Rethinking Psychosis

- Childhood Bullying and Social Safety Theory

- Podcast- und Buchempfehlungen

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Neuer Eintrag bei Aktuelles:

Secretin & Co.


Näher betrachtet werden u.a. die PubMed-Beiträge:

- Pancreatic Replacement Therapy

- Orexin/Hypocretin System Dysfunction in ESSENCE

- Orexin System: The Key for a Healthy Life




CVI-Beiträge, u. a.:

Stories from India, Remarkable CVI Skills, CVI & Mainstream Schools

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie - Beiträge u.a.:

Trauma, Distress, Psychotic experiences, Dyspraxia, Impusivity in young adults, The Meltdown Pathway, The Schizophrenia Syndrome, Vitamin B12 deficiency presenting as psychotic symptoms, Borderline personality disorder, Racism and Poverty, Searching for the “Psychiatric Yeti”, Understanding profound autism, Paranoia and Interconnection, The RADAR trial, Gesunde Ernährung, Pancreatic Replacement Therapy, Chronic stress and the gut

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Aktuelles - Migräne 


[-> Dopamin, Serotonin, MAO, COMT, DBH, Parkinson, Schizophrenie, Kontrastwahrnehmung etc.]

Vier Beiträge aus PubMed werden näher betrachtet:

- Dopaminergic symptoms in migraine

- Pain … in Patients with Cerebral Dopamine Dysfunction

- Epilepsy and migraine: The dopamine hypotheses

- Migraine: Advances in the Pathogenesis and Treatment

Zum Nachdenken, Überdenken der ‚Aufgaben‘ von Dopamin und Serotonin und damit der ‚Hauptangriffspunkte‘ der psychiatrischen Medikation.  


Fundstücke, Buchempfehlung*, Zum Jahresende


* Vadim B. Khoziev, Bernhard J. Schmidt

Auf der Suche nach einer Autismus-Theorie - Auch hier bei Aktuelles:


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Schizophrenia Awareness 

Aus den Tagebuchnotizen, zur Erinnerung:


Zwei Beiträge aus den Januar-Fundstücken sind hier, mit weiteren Anmerkungen und Zusammenhängen, bei Aktuelles eingefügt:



CP/Zerebralparese/Cerebral palsy



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Autismus und Schizophrenie:

Was ist Autismus, was ist Schizophrenie? Neue ‚Konzepte‘ wären hilfreich …


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Petition für gewaltfreie Psychiatrie:

Alte Denk- und Verhaltensmuster aufbrechen …


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