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CVI/Zerebral bedingte Sehbeeinträchtigungen

- Toward Removing Barriers in the Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Care of Individuals With Cerebral Visual Impairments Paper

- Yellowstone Blog 26 Impaired Facial Recognition Causing Social Difficulties

- Yellowstone Blog 27 Unconscious Bias

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie

- A Mindbody Approach to Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

- ADHD Drugs Linked to Cardiovascular Disease

- Corneal structural alterations in autism spectrum disorder: An in vivo confocal microscopy study

- Mental Disorder Has Roots in Trauma and Inequality, Not Biology

- How Does the ‘Autistic Brain’ Work?

- Q&A: What Is Executive Function, and How Can Parents and Teachers Help Kids Focus?

- The schizophrenia syndrome, circa 2024: What we know and how that informs its nature

- Antipsychotics Lead to Worse Outcomes in First-Episode Psychosis

- Development of Deep Ensembles to Screen for Autism and Symptom Severity Using Retinal Photographs

- Increased anticholinergic medication use in middle-aged and older autistic adults and its associations with self-reported memory difficulties and cognitive decline

- For children living with war, every day, threats lead to trauma

- 2023 in Review: A Paradigm Shift Is Underway


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- Gordon Dutton’s Blog (39) Shrinking text size and rapid loss of interest in reading

- Online-Umfrage zu CVI bei 111 Lehrern in UK

- Validation of the Austin Assessment

- Alex, New Blogger at CVI Society

- Ravenscroft Reviews: Conversations about CVI

- Reorganization of ventral and dorsal visual pathways following childhood hemispherectomy

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie

- Risk of Psychosis; Psychosis in Autism

- Teens need more Sleep: Jugendliche brauche mehr Schlaf

- Ocular characteristics in children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders

- The WHO and the United Nations: Let Freedom Ring for the Mad

- Why the DSM Is Mostly False

- Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) guideline for mental, neurological and substance use disorders

- Antidepressants, Antipsychotics and Loss of Sexuality

- The Psychosocial Approach as an Alternative to the Biomedical Model

- Spiritual Crises

- Obesity Caused by Psychotropic Medications

- Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 16: Is There Any Future for Psychiatry?

- #Buch- und Podcastempfehlungen


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CVI / Zerebral bedingte Sehbeeinträchtigungen

- Facial expression perception

- Visual experience and bodily representation of emotion

- Object recognition

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie

- WHO and UN Advocate for Mental Health Reform, Face Opposition

- Psychosis Is Not Illness but a Survival Strategy in Severe Stress

- What Happens When There Is No Help?

- Pernicious Anemia and Psychiatric Misdiagnosis

- Functional Disorders

- Ultra-Processed Foods

- Beyond the “Chemical Imbalance” Theory: An Interview With Prof. Joanna Moncrieff

- Psychosis in autism

- Trauma therapies for psychosis

- Melatonin: Pharmacology, Functions and Therapeutic Benefits

- Vitamin B12 and Mental Health in Children and Adolescents

- The Superpowers of Sensitive People

- How Music Can Be Mental Health Care

- Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 15 + 16



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- Unfair Judgements of Children & Adults with CVI and Effective Ways to Challenge Them

- CVI Question Inventory for Adults

- Vison issues are prevalent in ASD an require screening and intervention

- Eye tracking as a biomarker for autism

- Long-term impact of childhood visual impairment on health and social outcomes [in the UK]

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie

- Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and/or vitamin D in autism spectrum disorders

- The old and the new way of understanding autistic lives

- The Power of Compassionate Relationship

- The STAR*D Scandal: Scientific Misconduct on a Grand Scale

- SSRI Use During Pregnancy Alters the Child’s Brain Development

- Ignored factors in psychiatry

- Autistic People's Experience of Empathy and the Autistic Empathy Deficit Narrative

- Andrew Wakefield: A horribly harmful fraudster and anti-vaxx hero

- Delayed School Start Times Would Benefit Children

- De werking van antipsychotica: Kijken we wel breed genoeg?

- Toward a More Comprehensive Autism Assessment: The Survey of Autistic Strengths, Skills, and Interests

- Diet Soda, Aspartame and Autism

- The RADAR Trial

- Critical Psychiatry Textbook: Dementia, Electroshock, Forced Treatment, Psychotherapy and the Role of Psychologists

- Report on Improving Mental Health Outcomes

- World needs “revolution” in mental health care – UN rights expert

- R. I. P.

What the RADAR Trial Tells Us About Antipsychotic Reduction and Discontinuation


-> Siehe Eintrag 30.09.2023 in den September-Fundstücken




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- Riddoch-Phenomenon

- Society, schooling and stigma

- Learning to play an Instrument with CVI

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie

- Psychosis sensitivity

- Giving Everyone the Chance to Heal

- Adverse Childhood Experiences Lead to Lifelong Health Consequences

- The presentations of males and females with autism spectrum disorder

- Eye scans detect signs of Parkinson’s disease up to seven years before symptoms emerge / Oculomics: The eyes talk a great deal

- Challenging a Psychiatric Diagnosis

- ‘The Myth of Normal’

- Risk factors associated with traumatic dental injuries

- Brain health, disability, and the need for broader thinking

- Autism cures may be closer as focus turns to early treatment

- Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 9 + 10: ADHD + Anxiety Disorders



Agmatin, ein neuer Neurotransmitter …?





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CVI-Beiträge u.a.:

Why Validating CVI Interventions is Problematic

National Eye Institute Strategic Plan: Vision for the Future 2021-2025

Beiträge zu Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie u.a.:

- The role of social inclusion in the self-esteem and academic inclusion of adolescents with vision impairment

- Is Life Easier for Autistic People in Japan?

- Reshaping the Narrative About Autism

- In memoriam: Oliver Sacks

- Vorschläge des Bürgerrats: Der Weg zu einer gerechteren Bildung

- A catatonic woman awakened after 20 years. Her story may change psychiatry

- [-> Neuropsychiatry]

- ‘We Have a Neck’: Psychiatrist James Greenblatt on The Links Between Body and Brain

- Mental health in autistic adults

- Akathisia and Prescribed Harm as Traumatic Chemical Brain Injury (TCBI)

- Involvement of the habenula in the pathophysiology of autism spectrum disorder

- Psychosis and schizophrenia: Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia

- Association between Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and vision problems

- Ocular Manifestations of Vitamin Deficiencies

- Autism Wandering


- Critical Psychiatry Textbook: Depression and Mania (Affective Disorders)




CVI-Beiträge, u. a.:

- CVI Song & Concert

- Do blind people hear better?

- Ketamine Reactivates Adult Cortical Plasticity to Restore Vision from Amblyopia

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie – Beiträge u.a.:

- Review on iron and its importance for human health

- The autistic-catatonic continuum

- Tōjisha-kenkyū - Japan’s Radical Alternative to Psychiatric Diagnosis

- Biological Psychiatry: Misrepresentations, Causes, Potential Consequences

- Math abilities in autism spectrum disorder

- Melatonin Administration to Manage Sleep Disturbances

- Mild Vitamin C Deficiency Is Common in the Inpatient Psychiatric Setting

- Reelin und BDNF

- An Introduction to the Trieste Model – Franco Basaglia

- The Discovery of Serotonin and its Role in Neuroscience

- Psychiatry’s Denial of the Horrors of Tardive Dyskinesia

- Why do we need sex-balanced studies of autism?





- Positive Communications

- Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science

- ’Tent’ Therapy for Profoundly Disabled Children with CVI Paper

- The Austin Assessment Website and the Austin Assessment App

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie:  

- Antipsychotic Drug Efficacy May Be Overestimated

- Psychiatrogenesis (Whither Psychiatry or Reform)

- Reading Books Is Not Just a Pleasure: It Helps Our Minds to Heal

- Is autism a biological entity?

- Autistic SPACE: a novel framework

- Joanna Moncrieff: “I’m Not Convinced Antidepressants Have Any Use”

- Should We Continue to Tell Autistic People that Their Brains are Different?

- It’s Time for Soteria: An Australian Perspective

- Interview with Robert Whitaker – How Psychiatry Lost Its Way

- ADHD Feature Reported to the Review Board

- Trauma Responses

- Once Radical Critiques of Psychiatry Are Now Mainstream, So What Remains Taboo?

- Methodological issues in social cognition research in autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia spectrum disorder

- Autism diagnosis in females by eating disorder professionals

- Scientific Evidence for the Evaluation of Neurological Soft Signs as Atypical Neurodevelopment Markers

- Non-autistic adults can recognize posed autistic facial expressions

- Psychosis Is an Expression of Early Childhood Trauma

- Giving Parents a Platform

- Decreased Bone Health in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

- Why Do We All Eat Stuff That Isn’t Food and Why Can’t We Stop?

- Response to Melatonin Treatment in Children With Autism spectrum Disorder

- Mitochondria: It is all about energy

- Fundstück zum Welt-Schizophrenie-Tag

- The traits of Autism Spectrum Disorder and bullying victimization

- Employment status, workplace experiences and requirements in individuals with autism in Germany

- The ‘lost generation’ in adult psychiatry

- Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 8: Depression and Mania (Affective Disorders)


Sicherheitslücke bei Pestizidzulassungen


“Agrochemie-Konzerne haben bei der Zulassung ihrer Produkte wichtige Studien zurückgehalten. Das zeigt eine Untersuchung der Stockholmer Universität, die dem BR vorliegt. Die Studien untersuchen potenzielle Gesundheitsgefahren für Föten und Kinder. … 

- Auswirkungen auf Entwicklungsstörungen nachgewiesen

- ‘Akutes Risiko’ für Menschen nicht ausgeschlossen

- EU-Kommissionsmitarbeiter sieht ein ‘ernstes Problem’ 

Neben Syngenta hat auch das deutsche Chemieunternehmen Bayer Studien zur Entwicklungsneurotoxizität bei den europäischen Behörden nicht vorgelegt. …“


Dazu bitte auch lesen:

Non-disclosure of developmental neurotoxicity studies obstructs the safety assessment of pesticides in the European Union [Open Access]


DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12940-023-00994-9

“…The overall role of the authorities is to oversee, evaluate and draw the final scientific conclusions based on the data and assessments provided by the pesticide producer. The EU Commission decides on the approval or non-approval based on these conclusions. Pesticide companies are responsible for providing sufficient documentation. … And, of course, in the case of withheld DNT studies, potentially jeopardize children’s brain development and their chances to reach their full potential. …“


Verbände appellieren:  

Mit Geld gegen "eine der schwersten Bildungskrisen"


„Die Gesellschaft erlebe aktuell ‚eine der schwersten Bildungskrisen seit Gründung der Bundesrepublik‘, heißt es in dem Schreiben. … Kinder und Jugendliche werden viel zu oft nicht ausreichend auf die Zukunft vorbereitet, und notwendige Aufgaben wie Digitalisierung und Inklusion wurden viel zu lange verschlafen.“


ARD Weltspiegel Podcast:

Das Neuseeland-Experiment: Was uns Menschen glücklich macht


"Deine Bedürfnisse sind wichtig. ..."


SWR1 Leute …

Asperger Autist trifft Comedians im Podcast "nicht witzig"


Was entsteht, wenn ein Autist, der Comedy & Ironie nur schwer versteht, auf Comedians trifft? …“

[[ ... wobei ich aber schon Sinn für Humor habe, aber nicht immer verstehe ... ]]


SWR1 Leute …

Klimawandel und Nachhaltigkeit:

So kann sich die Landwirtschaft anpassen


Ein guter Ackerboden ist voll von Leben. Da ist in einer Handvoll Boden so viel Leben, wie es Menschen auf der Erde gibt.“




Lesens- und Nachdenkenswertes …

CVI-Beiträge mit den Themen:

We all have value; Understanding the complex profile of cerebral visual impairment; How to travel independently; The link between CVI and auditory processing disorder; CVI and the Eyes, Nystagmus and Strabismus, Periventricular leukomalacia

Zu Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie – Themen u. a.:

Oromotor skills in autism spectrum disorder

If Your Nervous System Has Remained in a State of Shock Due to Trauma

Pathological social withdrawal in autism spectrum disorder: Hikikomori in Japan

Chronic Stress and “Mental Illness”

Wenn Wach-sein zum Wahn führt

Hope, Emotional Connection, Empowerment, Catatonia, Heart-to-heart-Communication

Associations between autistic traits and early ear and upper respiratory signs

Bipolar Disorder, Catatonia Spectrum, Trauma and Stress-related symptoms

Campaign Against ECT

Critical Psychiatry Textbook – Psychosis and Psychosis pills




Lesens- und Nachdenkenswertes, u. a.:

- CVI-Beiträge

- Traumata und ihre Auswirkungen

- An outbreak of psychosis – or an understandable crisis?

- Recovery from Schizophrenia without Medication, an interview with Tracey Higgins

- The Anatomical Relationships of the Tongue with the Body System

- The ICD-11 diagnostic criteria for autism

- Visual Autism

- The schiZotypy Autism Questionnaire (ZAQ) in adults

- Rethinking Catatonia: New Insights from the Autism Spectrum

- Psychiatrie-Kritik, und mehr


Ein Allheilmittel? / A panacea?


Sechs Texte werden etwas näher betrachtet:

1.       [2016] Randomised clinical trial comparing melatonin 3 mg, amitriptyline 25 mg and placebo for migraine prevention

2.       [2017] PURLs: Consider melatonin for migraine prevention

3.       [2019] Therapeutic role of melatonin in migraine prophylaxis: A systematic review

4.       [2020] Therapeutic role of melatonin in migraine prophylaxis: Is there a link between sleep and migraine?

5.       [2022] Role of Melatonin in the Management of Sleep and Circadian Disorders in the Context of Psychiatric Illness

6.       [2022] Is Melatonin the "Next Vitamin D"?: A Review of Emerging Science, Clinical Uses, Safety, and Dietary Supplements

[[ Für mich als ‚Migräniker‘ und als jemand, dessen Schlaf sehr störanfällig ist, ein hochwichtiges Thema – und vermutlich nicht nur für mich. Und darüber hinaus scheint Melatonin auch noch weitere positive Wirkungen zu haben. ]]




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Aktuelles – Parkinsonismus/Parkinsonism


Aktuelles – (Dopamin)-Hypothesen


Zwei Beiträge aus den Januar-Fundstücken habe ich, mit weiteren Anmerkungen und Zusammenhängen, bei Aktuelles eingefügt:



CP/Zerebralparese/Cerebral palsy






- Zeitungsbericht über Nicola McDowell und ihr ‚Austin Assessment‘

- Thinking Differently to Reach More Children

- Deficits in Face Recognition and Consequent Quality-of-Life Factors in Individuals with Cerebral Visual Impairment

Autismus, Schizophrenie, Psychiatrie – Beiträge u.a.:

- Quinolinic acid excess in urine

- Recognising side effects of antipsychotics in children with intellectual disabilities

- Brain Changes Linked to Early Socioeconomic Status May Persist in Adulthood

- The Faulty Reasoning That Turned ADHD Into a Disease

- ADHD Medication Slows Growth, Increases Obesity

- Concern as proportion of children in England on antipsychotics doubles

- Antipsychotic withdrawal – an unrecognised and misdiagnosed problem

- How psychiatric drugs create a vicious cycle of effects, more drugs and diagnoses

- Autism Symptom Dimensions Questionnaire

- Should motor impairment be added to the diagnostic criteria for autism?

- Linking autism spectrum disorders and parkinsonism: clinical and genetic association

- Extreme pathological avoidance behaviour in children with autism

- Loss of Acquired Skills: Regression in Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

- Bristol initiative prevents 200 cerebral palsy cases a year

- Plasma Amino Acid Profile in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Southern China

- Electrophysiological assessment of nutritional optic neuropathy: a case report

- The Link Between Empty Sella Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Role of Increased Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure

- Minimally Verbal/Non-Speaking Individuals With Autism: Research Directions for Interventions to Promote Language and Communication

- Oral motor deficits in speech-impaired children with autism

- Antidepressants Blunt Emotions and Cause Sexual Dysfunction

- Finding the True Number of Females with Autistic Spectrum Disorder by Estimating the Biases in Initial Recognition and Clinical Diagnosis

- Autism research at the crossroads - The power struggle between researchers, autistic self-advocates and parents is threatening progress across the field

- Why autism therapies have an evidence problem

- Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 1: Why a Critical Textbook of Psychiatry?

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